Create stunning wallpapers, for all your devices. From watch to 5k.

Version 2 - Launching September 24th 2021

The Wallpaper App is back with Version 2, to make your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac look even more stunning.

Now using Apple's Metal technology, this new version uses the raw power of your GPU to produce results which are on another level and comparable to professionally produced wallpapers.

And thanks to our powerful generative art engine, we now also support Live Wallpapers.  That means these amazing wallpapers can come alive with silky smooth animations.

Just like before, each Wallpaper is generated right on your device with just a single tap and each one is unique to you.  But we didn't stop there either...

- Export now supports up to 6k resolution (just for you lucky Pro XDR owners)
- Live Wallpapers can be adjusted from 3 seconds right up to 30 seconds in length
- New Gallery View lets you browse styles even easier than ever
- Upgraded Palette Browser to help you find that perfect colour scheme
- Shortcuts support so you can automate a wallpaper change or ask Siri
- Now 35 styles to choose from

Stats about Version 1

Released in August 2020
Over 10 million wallpapers generated
Top 10 in US Graphic & Design since launch
Featured numerous times by Apple
AppAdvice: Best Apps of 2020 (link)

Press Kit & Demo (V2)

Our press kit is available as a simple zip file with everything you need: screenshots, artwork, icons are all included.

Download the Press Kit Here.

Extra Bits (Movie files and GIFs for Live Wallpapers): Download Extra Bits Here.

If you just want to check out the App - Join the TestFlight Beta right here.

Version 1 is live on the App Store here - App Store Link

About The Wallpaper App

The Wallpaper App is simple, beautiful, and produces a never ending array of stunning wallpapers - for any device.

Each Wallpaper is generated with just math, code and pixels, so it's unique to you and always different.

Swipe, Tap and Save your favourites, and with an amazing export option you can even save a 5k image, right from your phone.

The Wallpaper App launched on the 6th of August 2020 for iOS, iPadOS and macOS. No Subscriptions or In App Purchases.

Version 2 (See above) launches on the 24th of September 2021

AppStore URL:

35 Different Wallpaper Styles
Endless Colour Combinations
Export on any device, for any device
Live Wallpapers up to 30 seconds long
Apple Metal Technology for GPU Generated Wallpapers
Light and Dark variations for each Wallpaper
Colour tint any Wallpaper to find your perfect hue
Drag and Drop colours into TheWallpaperApp for complete control (iPad Only)


The Wallpaper App was created out of one main frustration - there just wasn't an honest and decent Wallpaper App available for iOS right now. The current ones are riddled with subscriptions, or they have anything decent locked behind expensive In App Purchases.

It was up to us to fix this, so The Wallpaper App idea was born.


Each Wallpaper is programatically generated. Some call it computer art, or generative designs. Everything you see in The Wallpaper App is unique to you and is all made from math, code, and pixels - and right on your device too, so no internet is needed.

Version 2 now uses your GPU and Apple's Metal technology to use the raw power of your device for instant and even more amazing graphics.

Pretty Things

Grab the full Press Pack for lots of images including screenshots, artwork, icons.  Or click/right-click these to quickly grab some.

Live Wallpapers in MOV and GIF format can be downloaded here.


The Wallpaper App is made by indie studio Lumen Digital, a multi-award winning App developer.  In 2019, one of their apps - Noisy Book - won an AppStore Best of 2019 award, and was featured on stage at WWDC19. Since then, they have launched many apps which have all been featured on the AppStore across the globe.


Reach us via Email, or Twitter. I'm always happy to chat about anything tech related!